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Dengue Fever in Cambodia

05 Jan 2012

The National Dengue Control Programme of Cambodia has reported an increase of 25% in dengue fever cases admitted to hospital in 2011. A total of 15 805 individuals were treated in hospital between January and the middle of December 2011; this compares with 12 500 in 2010.

WHO stated that the figures were higher than average but not classified as an outbreak; in 2007, 40 000 hospital cases of dengue fever were recorded.

The increase in numbers is thought to be influenced by increased rains and flooding in 2011, leading to an extended dengue season and increased mosquito breeding sites.

Advice for Travellers

Avoidance of mosquito bites, particularly during daylight hours, by covering up with clothing, the use of bite avoidance measures such as repellent and bed nets is advised. Elimination of breeding sites around hotel rooms/houses is advised for longer term stays.