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Rabies (Canine) in Nepal

10 Jan 2012

Sixteen individuals received post-exposure rabies vaccine after being bitten by a dog infected with rabies virus. Ten of those requiring treatment, received vaccine at Koshi Zonal Hospital, while the others received vaccine at private medical centres.

The incident took place in Biratnagar; a sub-metropolitan city in southeast Nepal close to the border with India. Sources at the hospital report that 35 individuals from Biratnagar and surrounding areas have received post-exposure rabies vaccine following dog bites.

Canine rabies remains edemic in Nepal and is a serious problem in both urban and rural areas despite continuous surveillance and control activities.

Advice for Travellers

Pre-exposure rabies vaccine is available for travellers to Nepal who are considered to be at risk. All contact with animals should be avoided and any bites sustained should be assessed carefully by a medical practitioner.