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Malaria in Greece (Update)

02 Nov 2012

On 22 Oct 2012, the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reported 5 new locally acquired cases of P.vivax malaria in Greece.

Two cases were located in Karditsa, Thessaly region; this is the first time that locally acquired malaria has been reported in the area. These cases are thought to be connected to a cluster of 8 imported cases. Three further cases were reported in Laconia, Peloponnese region. These 5 cases had onset of symptoms between between 17 September and 21 October 2012.

To date in 2012, a total of 16 locally acquired malaria cases have been reported in 4 different regions of Greece: 4 in East Attica; the first case was reported on 18 June 2012, 8 in Lakonia, Peloponnese region, 1 in Xanthi, East of Macedonia and Thrace region and 2 in Karditsa, Thessaly region.

Advice for Travellers

The Greek Centre for Disease Control, maintains that the risk of malaria for travellers in Greece is very low. For this reason, chemoprophylaxis for malaria is not recommended for visitors to the areas of Evrotas, Karditsa, Lakonia, East Attiki, Xanthi or Viotia. The use of standard mosquito biting prevention measures is strongly encouraged.