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Yellow Fever in Sudan

07 Nov 2013

The Ministry of Health has notified the World Health Organization (WHO) of a yellow fever outbreak in El-Reif El-Shargi and Lagawa localities in West Kordofan state.

Laboratory testing was conducted at the National Public Health Laboratory in Khartoum. Three out of 10 samples taken from suspected cases tested positive for yellow fever.

Between 3 October and 2 November 2013, a total of 20 suspected cases of yellow fever were reported, including 7 deaths. Suspected cases were from Al-behara camp, Tabag and Alarda in Lagawa locality. Al-Behara is a camp for seasonal plantation workers. Those affected were originally from east Sudan and travelled to Kordofan for work. Currently, an estimated 200 people are residing in the camp.

Advice for Travellers

There is a risk of yellow fever in areas south of the Sahara Desert and vaccination is advised for travellers to these parts (unless contraindicated). There is no risk in the city of Khartoum. Travellers should also take steps to avoid mosquito bites.