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Hepatitis A in Norway (Update)

22 Apr 2014

The investigation into the increase in locally acquired hepatitis A infection in Norway has identified that 16 out of 21 cases were infected by a strain of virus identical to the one associated with consumption of frozen berries in the ongoing European hepatitis A outbreak that began in January 2013.

On 9 April, further traceback investigation, identified that the same type of berry mix buttermilk cake (imported from Germany) had been consumed by 11 out of 16 cases.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority informed the importer and the public that the cake was the likely source of the outbreak. The product was immediately withdrawn from the market in Norway.

Advice for Travellers

Norway is a low risk country for hepatitis A and vaccination is therefore not recommended. Travellers should be aware of the recent increase in cases and take care with food and personal hygiene.