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Rabies (Animal) in the United States

24 Apr 2014

The Animal Services of Orange County, in the state of North Carolina, southeastern United States, has reported a total of nine cases of animal rabies thus far in 2014. The most recent case was identified when a resident of Efland found a dead raccoon outside her property. The raccoon tested positive for rabies virus following post-morten examination.

Orange County reported a total of twelve cases of animal rabies throughout the whole of 2013. Animal Services are running low-cost rabies vaccine clinics to encourage residents to keep their animal and pet rabies boosters up-to-date.

Advice for Travellers

Travellers must be aware that rabies virus circulates in terrestrial animals in the US e.g. raccoons and skunks and should avoid contact with wildlife. All animal bites should be reported and carefully assessed; post-exposure treatment is accessible.