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Revised Malaria Advice and Map for India

28 Jul 2014

Following a review of current evidence and available literature, the malaria advice and malaria map for India have today been updated and a number of changes made. These changes reflect the consensus opinion of the Scottish Malaria Advisory Group (SMAG).

The main change in recommendations is that for some areas where antimalarial medication was previously advised for all travellers, antimalarials will now only be considered for a sub-set of travellers who may be at higher risk.

The highest risk areas for malaria in India continue to be Assam and Orissa, in the east of the country, where antimalarials are still advised for all travellers.

Prevention of mosquito bites and prompt diagnosis and treatment of fever are essential for all travellers to all areas of India.

SMAG has worked together with the Public Health England Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention for UK Travellers to align these updates, and PHE is expected to publish changes to their India advice this week. Together we have tried to ensure that there is consistent advice put out to UK travellers  

For full details of advice please refer to the India country record on fitfortravel.