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Lyme Disease in the United States (New York)

29 Jul 2014

The popular summer beach resort of The Hamptons in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York State is an area of the United States (US) reporting a high incidence of Lyme disease.

In 2012, Suffolk Country reported 689 cases of Lyme disease and 566 cases in 2013. Although there was a decrease in cases last year, the local community feel that the tick problem is growing each year. In this area, deer ticks are most commonly the vector of infection. In some areas of Suffolk County, more than 50% of ticks are infected with Borrelia burgdorferi which causes Lyme disease.

Advice for Travellers

There is no vaccine available against Lyme disease. The main preventive measure is to avoid being bitten by ticks.

Important points to consider:

  • Be aware of the tick risk. Risk areas include woodland, moorland, parkland, heaths and gardens with wildlife. Areas with deer and sheep are risky, as although these animals do not carry Lyme disease, ticks feed on them and they play an important role in the population and transportation of ticks.
  • Ticks are more common from April to October.
  • Activities such as camping, picnics, hiking and cycling can increase risk.

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