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Shigellosis in Egypt

06 Aug 2014

An outbreak of shigellosis in Egypt has been reported by the media. The outbreak has occurred in a holiday complex in Sharm el Sheik in the South Sinai governorate in the east of the country. The outbreak of the infection has affected a number of UK travellers who have received medical treatment at the complex. The source of the outbreak has not yet been confirmed.

Shigella is a bacteria transmitted through contaminated water and food. As only a small infecting dose of organism is required, person to person spread is common and outbreaks occur in places that are highly populated. It is a well recognised cause of diarrhoea in travellers and is found worldwide.

Advice for Travellers

Travellers to Egypt should always maintain a high standard of food and water safety and personal hygiene. Travellers' diarrhoea is a risk at all times but is increased when outbreaks are reported.