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Rabies (Animal) in the United States

15 Oct 2014

Animal health officials in Hall County have reported a confirmed case of rabies in a raccoon that had contact with two dogs. This is the 20th confirmed case of animal rabies in Hall County for 2014.

Hall Country is in the north of the state of Georgia in the southeastern region of the United States (US).

Officials are recommending that animal owners ensure that their animals/pets are vaccinated against rabies. Members of the public are being made aware of the growing number of rabies cases among terrestrial animals and have been advised to stay away from wildlife, especially those whose behavior is different from normal as it may be a sign that they are rabid.

Advice for Travellers

Travellers must be aware that rabies virus circulates in terrestrial animals in much of the the US, (e.g. raccoons, bats and skunks) and they should avoid contact with wildlife. All animal bites should be reported and carefully assessed; post-exposure treatment is accessible.