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WHO Declares Senegal and Nigeria Free of Ebola Virus Transmission

20 Oct 2014

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Senegal officially free of Ebola virus disease transmission on 17 October 2015. Today, the 20 October 2014, the WHO has announced that Nigeria is also officially free of Ebola virus transmission.

Both Senegal and Nigeria maintained high levels of active “case finding” for 42 days, this is twice the maximum incubation period of the disease and should therefore detect possible unreported cases.

The WHO has commended both Senegal’s and Nigeria’s diligence to end the transmission of Ebola virus disease, advising that the most important lesson learned is that an immediate and well coordinated response can stop imported Ebola virus disease in its tracks.

Response plans included contact tracing and monitoring of those potentially exposed to the disease, rapid testing of all suspected cases, increased surveillance at the country’s entry points and national public awareness campaigns.