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Typhoid Fever in Uganda (Update)

18 Mar 2015

The outbreak of typhoid fever in the centre Kampala, first reported on 23 February 2015, is ongoing and has now spread to all areas of the city and to neighbouring districts. The total number of suspected cases now stands at 1940. The majority of cases are among workers in the city, including food workers and in males aged between 20-39 years.

Contaminated drinking water and juices have been identified as the main sources of infection. The majority of water sources that have been tested were heavily contaminated with bacteria and fecal matter.

The National Task Force has been activated to manage the outbreak. With support from WHO and other partners such as CDC, UNICEF, AFENET, Red Cross and others, the country is implementing control measures.

Advice for Travellers

Typhoid vaccine is usually recommended for all travellers to Uganda. Travellers should also maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and safe food and water whilst in Uganda.