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Rabies (Canine) Human Exposure in Turkey

05 Nov 2015

A 45-year-old woman is receiving rabies post-exposure treatment after being bitten by her dog which subsequently tested positive for rabies virus. The event occurred in the Vezirkopru district of Samsun province on the Black Sea coast in the far north of Turkey.

A rabies awareness campaign has been set up for local residents including school children, following confirmation of the virus in the locality.

Advice for Travellers

The World Health Organisation considers Turkey to be a high risk country for rabies among terrestrial animals. Although northern Turkey is not as popular as the south of the country as a holiday destination for UK resident, travellers should be aware of the risk.

Travellers are advised to avoid all animal contact and report any bites as soon as possible for medical assessment and treatment. Rabies pre-exposure is available for those considered to be at particular risk.