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Zika Virus Infection in Malaysia (Sabah)

05 Sep 2016

On 3 September 2016, the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MoHM) confirmed their first local transmission case of of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection. The case is a 61 year old male that resides in Taman Public Jaya Likas (Sabah), he has no recent travel history to ZIKV affected areas, thus suggesting that he is likely to have been infected in Sabah.

In response, the MoHM began eliminating mosquito breeding sites, larvaciding and fogging in the residential areas and places that the case had visited.

For the purpose of advising travellers Malaysia has been categorised as a Moderate risk.

Advice to Travellers

This country has reported cases of ZIKV virus infection. ZIKV is most commonly spread by mosquito bites, but there is also a risk of sexual transmission. There is a link between ZIKV infection and babies being born with birth defects.

Advice for Travellers:

  • All travellers should practice strict mosquito bite avoidance, at all times.
  • Do not travel without adequate travel insurance.
  • Seek pre-travel advice from your health care provider 6-8 weeks in advance of travel, particularly important if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women are advised to consider postponing non-essential travel to countries or areas with Moderate risk of ZIKV transmission.
  • If you develop any feverish illness whilst travelling or on return medical attention must be sought quickly.

Look at the additional advice on the ZIKV Infection page, which includes how to avoid sexual transmission of ZIKV.

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