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Measles in Japan

09 Sep 2016

A media report of the 8 September 2016 asserts that 33 employees of Kansai International Airport are confirmed measles cases. The first case was confirmed on 17 August 2016 in a female employee that handles international flights. Allegedly four passengers have been infected with measles and a further 10 people in Osaka Prefecture are suspected to have caught the disease.

In response Kansai International Airport began vaccinating workers against measles. Investigations into Kansai airport’s employees revealed almost 900 employees under the age of 30 have either never had measles or never been vaccinated. Airport officials have advised that 300 employees, would be vaccinated over 8 and 9 September 2016, and that the remaining 600 would be vaccinated when more vaccine becomes available.

Advice for Travellers

It should be confirmed that children have received their recommended doses of MMR at 12-13 months of age and again pre-school around 3 years 6 months. Unimmunised adults who have not had the disease themselves may consider vaccination if thought to be at risk. Two doses of MMR vaccine are required to give adequate protection.