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Legionellosis Outbreak in Spain (Catalonia)

11 Oct 2016

On the 11 October 2016 the Public Health Agency of CataloniaLinkadvised they are investigating a legionellosis outbreak in the town of Salou (in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia).

There are reported to be 7 cases, of which 5 are male and 2 are female, and their ages range from 50 to 82 years. All the cases stayed at a Salou hotel in September 2016. Of these cases; 1 died, 4 remain in hospital; 1 was discharged, and there is no data about the outcome of the remaining case. The deceased case is a 50-year-old male from Madrid.

Advice for Travellers

All travellers are potentially at risk of infection, the risk is increased in travellers with underlying medical conditions. Travelers staying in poorly maintained hotel/apartment accommodation may be at higher risk. Flushing through showers in hotels or institutions with hot water when they have not been used recently may help.

Travellers that develop an influenza-like illness with fever, cough or shortness of breath during their stay or up to two weeks after return home should seek prompt medical advice.