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Rabies Virus Infection (Animal) (Human Exposure) USA

15 Nov 2016

Rabies virus infection continues to be reported in the United States of America (USA), resulting in human exposure to the virus. The media has highlighted rabies exposure in several states of the USA.

  • South Carolina: 2 potential human exposures to rabies following contact with a pet dog that tested positive for the disease.
  • Pennsylvania: 2 cats tested positive for rabies, 1 human exposure following bite from one of the rabid felines.
  • Colorado; 3 human exposures to rabies following bite or scratch from wild rabid cat.

(Via ProMedMail Link - accessed 15/11/16)

Advice for Travellers

Travellers should be aware that rabies virus circulates in terrestrial animals in much of the USA, (e.g. raccoons, bats and skunks) and they should avoid contact with wildlife. All animal bites should be reported and carefully assessed; post-exposure treatment is accessible in the USA.