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Increased Numbers of Malaria Cases in Brazil in 2017

11 Oct 2017

Brazil has reported increasing numbers of malaria cases in the past year, after several years of declining numbers. 

According to Government sources this week, 88 757 cases have been identified up to July this year, 28% more than in the corresponding period in 2016. The State of Pará has seen the greatest increase: numbers more than doubled over the past year and 14 904 cases were recorded up to to July. The State of Amazonas has also seen a large increase, with 39 558 cases to July 2017, 43% more than in the same period in 2016.

Advice for Travellers

At this time malaria prevention advice for travellers to Brazil is unchanged, although the importance of following existing guidance including avoidance of mosquito bites at all times is emphasized. Bite avoidance is also important in the areas of low to no risk as rare cases of malaria can occur in these locations.

For further information see Malaria.