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Zika virus in Cuba

03 Nov 2017

As of 17 October ECDC Linkreported 52 cases of Zika virus infection with travel history to Cuba having been reported through the European Surveillance System. Of these, 20 cases were reported in the 3 months previous to that date.

As of 3 November UK decided to change Cuba from a Moderate risk country to a High Risk country.

Advice for travellers is:

Please determine the risk of ZIKV transmission within the country using the risk categories produced by PHELink

All travellers to countries with a risk of ZIKV transmission must consider:

Travellers to countries at High or Moderate risk of ZIKV transmission should avoid the risk of sexual transmission of ZIKV by the use of contraception and condoms during travel and for:

  • 8 weeks afterwards if female.
  • 6 months afterwards if male.

Pregnant travellers are advised to:

  • Postpone non-essential travel to a country at High Risk of ZIKV transmission.
  • Consider postponing non-essential travel to a country at Moderate Risk of ZIKV transmission.

There are no restrictions for pregnant women travelling to countries with a Low Risk of ZIKV transmission.