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World Malaria Day 2018

25 Apr 2018

Each year the World Health Organisation (WHO) highlights World Malaria Day as a way of getting a key message out about malaria. This year the key message focuses on:

'Ready to Beat Malaria'

Key messages:

  • There continues to be a commitment within the global malaria community to make the world malaria free.
  • The 2017 World Malaria report highlights areas where great progress has been made towards eradication whilst also showing areas where disease has worsened.
  • Current progress is insufficient to meet the 2020 goal of 40% reduction in malaria incidence and death rates.

Countries with ongoing transmission fall into two categories:

  • Those heading towards elimination.
  • Those with a high burden of disease and significant increases in diesease.

WHO calls for greater investment in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. More information on 2018 World Malaria Day can be accessed here