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Update to Country Specific Hepatitis A Vaccine Recommendations

16 Sep 2021

You may have noticed that some of the hepatitis A vaccine recommendations on fitfortravel have recently changed.

This is because the Travel and International Health Team of Public Health Scotland have been reviewing the most up to date information available on the occurrence of Hepatitis A infection in every country worldwide. Based on this review    the hepatitis A vaccine recommendations have been reviewed and updated for every country.

  • you can find out if you might need hepatitis A vaccine by looking under the 'Vaccinations' section of each country page

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus. You catch hepatitis A by swallowing the virus in food or drink that contains it, or touching your mouth with your hands that have picked up the virus from touching infected poo.

How can I protect myself?

To protect yourself from hepatitis A when travelling, you need to:

For further information on the hepatitis A disease and vaccination, see the fitfortravel Hepatitis A page, or speak to your GP or a travel health professional.