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Vibriosis in the USA (Florida)

22 Sep 2021

The Florida Department of Health has reported 22 cases (including 8 deaths) of vibriosis from 1 January 2021 to 17 September 2021.

Vibriosis is an infection caused by bacteria which can be found in coastal waters. It can cause you to have an upset stomach, or develop ear infections or infections of your skin. Infection usually occurs through eating raw or undercooked shellfish or if you have been swimming or bathing in infected waters in warm weather.  

Advice for Travellers

When travelling you should:

If you are planning swimming or bathing in open waters during travel to affected areas:

  • consider wearing clothes or shoes that might protect you from cutting yourself while you are in the water
  • avoid contact with open water if you have any skin wounds, until after they have fully healed
  • this is particularly important if you have a condition that affects your immune system

 If you develop a rash or any signs of infection to your skin after bathing, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, particularly if your symptoms quickly get worse.