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Important Information for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres in United Kingdom

02 Nov 2021

In accordance with the recommendations in the Commission on Human Medicine’s Expert Working Group report, The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) and Public Health Scotland (PHS) have produced a yellow fever pre-vaccination checklist (screening tool).

The NaTHNaC/PHS yellow fever pre-vaccination checklist is a tool designed to:

  • help the healthcare professional risk assess a person’s suitability for yellow fever vaccination
    • it does not replace the broader individual risk assessment in the travel health consultation
  • be completed by the person travelling in advance of, or during, the consultation 
    • but must be carefully reviewed by the advising healthcare professional as part of a shared decision-making process for yellow fever vaccination

The NaTHNaC/PHS yellow fever pre-vaccination checklist has been produced in interactive PDF format to give users the option of completing and saving the document electronically, instructions on how to download and use the yellow fever pre-vaccination checklist can be found here: