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Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon

13 Dec 2021

The Africa Cup of Nations football tournament takes place is Cameroon from 9 January until 6 February 2022.  Matches will be played in stadiums in the cities of Yaounde, Doula, Bafoussam, Garoua and Limbe.

Advice For Travellers

International travel continues to be impacted by COVID-19.  With the emergence of the Omicron variant, many countries have put new travel restrictions in place. 

  • You should be aware that there is the ongoing risk of further restrictions being announced at very short notice.

During the tournament, stadiums and surrounding areas are likely to be crowded which can increase the risk of illnesses such as COVID-19.

Before booking travel, you should consider all of the following.

  • Check if Cameroon or any other countries you plan to visit are on the red list.
  • Review the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office guidance for entry requirements, restrictions, screening and quarantine requirements for travel to Cameroon (and other countries you might visit or transit through).
  • The risk of you being exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19) in Cameroon: this will be listed under the 'Alerts' section on the Cameroon fitfortravel page.
  • Your risk of developing severe COVID-19 and if medical facilities will be available should you become unwell whilst you are away (medical services may be overwhelmed due to COVID-19).
  • Make sure you have travel insurance that covers your entire trip.
  • How you will arrange COVID-19 testing in Cameroon for your return to the UK. 
  • The UK Border Force rules for when you enter the UK.

Detailed advice on the above points including advice on reducing the risk of exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19) during travel is available on the fitfortravel COVID-19: Health Considerations for Travel page.

Apart from COVID-19, there will be other illnesses and health risks that you might be exposed to when you travel.  If you are planning to travel to the tournament, you should see a travel health professional who will be able to give you advice on:

  • travel vaccines you might need
  • how to prevent malaria
  • other health risks you need to be aware of

Even if you are travelling at short notice, you should still try and see a travel health professional as they may still be able to offer you useful advice. 

  • Detailed information is available on the Cameroon fitfortravel page.

After you return home, always seek medical advice if you develop a high temperature. 

  • Make sure you tell the healthcare professional that you recently travelled abroad to a country with malaria.