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Malaria in India (Andra Pradesh)

05 Jul 2023

Media reports an increase in malaria cases in the past 3 months in the Alluri Raju Sitarama district of Andhra Pradesh, which is in the southern coastal region of India. Rampachodavarm and Chintoor areas have reported an recent increase in malaria with 171 cases reported from tribal communities in these two areas; no deaths have been reported to date.

A variety of reasons were cited for this increase in malaria cases including inadequate control of mosquito numbers, and reduced access to appropriate medical care. In addition monsoon (rainy) season has also begun in Andhra Pradesh; which increases the risk of malaria transmission.

Advice for Travellers 

Malaria is a potentially serious infection that is transmitted to humans by mosquito bites. 

If you travelling to this area while there are higher than expected cases of malaria are being reported, you should: 

If you develop a high temperature (fever) during your trip, or if you have recently returned from a country where malaria is a risk, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible and tell the doctor about your recent travel history. 

See the fitfortravel malaria section for further information.