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Wildfires in Europe (Greece)

24 Jul 2023

Extreme temperatures are currently affecting Europe, and there currently a number of active wildfires in Greece.

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) have issued:

If you are travelling to Greece, you can register on the Greek government’s Emergency Communication Service to get emergency alerts.

Advice for Travellers

Your health can be significantly affected by reduced air quality caused by smoke and/or extreme heat if you are travelling to an affected area. If you are preparing to travel to areas affected, or likely to be affected by extreme heat and/ or wildfires, you should:

  • regularly check and follow advice from the FCDO and local authorities in the country you are visiting
  • seek health advice prior to travel, particularly if you have any underlying health conditions, including pregnancy, which may be affected by intense heat and/or poor air quality caused by smoke
  • ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance in place prior to travel
  • check with your airline / tour operator for regular updates to planned travel and/or accommodation arrangements
  • monitor local media, exercise caution, and follow evacuation orders in the event of a wildfire whilst abroad
  • try to minimise time you spend outdoors in areas affected by smoke and/or reduced air quality, and avoid strenuous activity outdoors
  • try to keep cool indoors by closing blinds, using air conditioning and fans, and staying well hydrated with cool drinks
  • take care when visiting areas with woodland or dry grasses to avoid causing forest fires: avoid throwing away lit cigarettes or litter and avoid lighting fires or barbecues.

Further travel health advice is available on Sun Safety and Heat and Humidity